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1021 Historical Plans - Metropolitan Sewerage Scheme (SRO-001) State Records Office of Western Australia Damien Hassan 2019-09-03T02:56:57.037637 2022-08-12T21:56:27.270419 Historical survey plans created by the Metropolitan Water Works Board (and successor departments) in preparation for a sewerage scheme for the Perth metropolitan area. The original plans were transferred to the State Archives Collection in the 1980's and were digitised and geo-referenced between 2016-2019.     List of Metropolitan Sewerage Scheme Plans CSV This CSV comprises an itemised list of all historical Sewerage Scheme plans that are held by the State Records Office as part of the State archives collection. 2019-12-10T05:45:51.735541 2019-12-10T05:45:51.663687 361453.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0