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439 Land orders 1865 to 1866 Queensland State Archives 2016-02-22T23:27:37.316607 2022-06-21T23:53:24.551806 This index was compiled from the Register of Land Orders, 1865 to 1866, as kept by the Lands Department, and now kept at [Queensland State Archives]( It records the sale of crown lands issued under the provisions of a Non-Transferable Land Order.     Land orders 1865 to 1866 CSV This open data file alphabetically lists the name of purchasers who received, under the provisions of a Non-Transferable Land Order, Deed of Grant following two years continuous residency in the Colony of Queensland, from the date of arrival. Information taken from [Register of Land Orders]( Information also includes the location ticket number, land order number, date and Queensland State Archives' [catalogue]( details. 2016-02-22T23:30:40.706081 2022-06-21T02:07:22.472228 96400.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0