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918 South Australian Museum Meteorite Collection South Australian Museum Alexis Tindall 2013-05-25T04:42:17.987059 2016-07-03T23:29:22.729078 The meteorite collection contains representative material from over 150 Australian and overseas meteorites, with the focus mainly on those that have been found in South Australia. The collection includes pieces from significant international meteorites, such as the Indian Shergotty and Egyptian Nakhla falls, since determined to have originated from Mars. The data includes the locality and date of finds, weight and other descriptive information, and information about their acquisition. The South Australian Museum manages this dataset using the KE EMu collection management system. The full dataset is published on as a .csv file. 1860-2014   South Australian Museum Meteorite Collection CSV South Australian Museum Meteorite Collection. 2013-05-24T23:43:02.505701 2016-07-03T23:29:22.684608 49249.0 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial