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758 S. A. Speaks: An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930 State Library of South Australia State Library of South Australia 2016-06-29T07:00:04.358496 2019-08-29T04:32:01.228089 This dataset includes 45 oral histories from the project S. A. Speaks': An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930. The interviewees were broadly representative of the population of South Australia as it was in the first three decades of the twentieth century. 'S. A. Speaks' was a Jubilee 150 project conducted by Beth M. Robertson under the auspices of the History Trust of South Australia for two years and two months ending December 1986. The sound files are in MP3 format. The transcripts are in PDF format. 1960-01-01 2013-12-31 S. A. Speaks: An Oral History of Life in South Australia before 1930 CSV **Explanation of fields** - **URL** : URL of location of item online; audio file included in MP3 and WAV formats - **Bibliographic record number** : SLSA unique identifier eg "b2933579" - **SLSA reference** : Number of the recording within the project - **Creator** : Name of interviewee - **Additional Creator** : Name of interviewer - **Title** : Title of interview - **Date (year)** : Date interview recorded - **Description** : Summary description of content of interview - **Recording length** : Length of recording - **Subject** : Subject headings assigned by the Library to assist searching - **Collection** : Project name (some oral histories were conducted within a project) **How to listen to or download the audio files** 1. Follow the hyperlink in the field labelled URL. The interview web page will open. 2. Click the Download icon in the TOOLS column on the left of the web page. A Download dialog opens. 3. To listen, click either the [MP3] or [WAV] link under 'Alternate Formats'. To download, right-click either the [MP3] or [WAV] link under 'Alternate Formats' and select from the contextual menu 'Save Link As...' or 'Save target as' or 'Download Linked File' or similar. 2017-07-06T16:29:33.848862 2018-06-20T07:54:20.141244   Creative Commons Attribution