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838 State History Collection (features) History Trust of South Australia History Trust of South Australia 2017-06-27T02:05:38.344832 2017-07-27T23:54:53.357526 The History Trust of South Australia is responsible for the State History Collection, a collection of objects relevant to the history of South Australia. Strengths of this collection reflect the collecting areas of our three museums: the Migration Museum, the South Australian Maritime Museum and the National Motor Museum. This dataset is a small feature selection of around 200 museum objects from across the organisation and will grow as we continue our digitisation program. Please note that the license selected on this dataset it is not a blanket CC-BY-NC as there are some items that have different and possible more restrictive copyright. These license conditions are specified in the metadata under the Copyright, License and Usage Restrictions fields. 1836-01-01 1970-01-01 State History Collection API Instructions are provided in the primary URL An example of a basic implementation can be viewed at The example code can be downloaded from 2017-06-27T12:06:29.400254     Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial