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332 Redeemed land orders 1860-1906 Queensland State Archives 2021-07-21T04:32:48.433331 2022-08-09T05:46:34.275990 This data set is an index to [Registers of the reception of redeemed land orders]( kept by the Treasury Department between 1860 and 1906 organised under several categories and Acts The registers are held at [Queensland State Archives](     Redeemed land orders 1860-1907 CSV This data set contains the index to a number of series registers of land orders held at [Queensland State Archives]( Registers record land orders issued to immigrants on the completion of their obligations under the law at the time; as well as land orders issued to employers of immigrants; head of the family, businesses and Shipping and Immigration Agents could act as nominators. The registers include details of the immigrant applying and date of issue of the grant. The series include: [S13123: Register of the Issue of 20 Pounds' (£20) Land Orders]( [S13124: Register of New Land Orders granted under the "Land Orders Acts 1872 - 1874"]( [S13137: Register of Land Orders issued on payment of undertakings]( [S13139: Register of the Issue of 18 Pounds' (£18) Land Orders]( [S13144: Register of Land Order Claims]( [S13145: Register of 18 Pounds' (£ 18) and 30 pounds' (£30) Land Orders]( [S13146: Register of 30-Acre Land Orders]( [S13148: Register of Land Orders Issued to employers]( [S13151: Register of the Issue of Transferable Land Orders]( [S13154: Registers of the Issue of Second Land Orders]( [S18514: Register of 30 pounds' (£30) Land Orders]( [S18515: Register of 40-Acre Non-Transferable Land Orders]( 2021-07-21T22:18:42.328293 2021-07-21T22:18:42.233682 17301504.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0