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432 Register of pastoral holdings 1863 to 1880 Queensland State Archives 2016-04-06T06:55:29.352765 2022-06-22T02:21:44.947216 This index was compiled from the [Alphabetical Register of Pastoral Holdings, 1863 to 1880](, as kept by the Lands Department and now held at [Queensland State Archives]( It records the names of early pastoral holdings (known as Stations) in Queensland and the names of runs that were incorporated in them.     Index to Alphabetical register of Pastoral Holdings 1863-1880 CSV This open data file alphabetically lists the names of the early pastoral holdings, known as Stations, in Queensland and the names of the runs that were incorporated in them. Information also includes the Land Agent District, page number and Queensland State Archives' catalogue details. 2016-04-06T06:57:08.631592 2022-01-20T01:32:14.115860 3774873.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0