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620 Tasmanian Newspaper Index Libraries Tasmania Libraries Tasmania 2016-04-06T01:52:36.573929 2021-11-02T14:45:50.083300 The Tasmanian Index provides references to articles in the three metropolitan Tasmanian newspapers; the Mercury, the Examiner and the Advocate, and to most other Tasmanian journals and regional newspapers. The index was maintained from 1966 to 2010. This online version of the Tasmanian Index covers 1994 to 2010 with approximately 20,771 records. The records from [1966 to 1994]( are available online as PDF files 1994-01-01 2010 Tasmanian Index - CSV CSV   2016-04-06T11:53:19.611573 2021-11-02 234815808.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International