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794 Mount Gambier Destitute Register Mount Gambier Library Mount Gambier Library 2016-07-04T01:13:31.122992 2016-07-04T01:14:58.244849 Destitute records from Mount Gambier, including information on applicants such as ship and arrival date, infirmity, circumstances, family, means of subsistence. 1883-01-01 1894-01-01 Mount Gambier Destitute Records XLSX   2016-07-04T11:14:57.627256 2016-07-04T01:14:57.542684   Creative Commons Attribution
795 Mount Gambier Main Street Traders Mount Gambier Library Mount Gambier Library 2014-06-10T14:53:05.816908 2016-06-08T07:11:39.244861 Historical information about commercial buildings and ownership in the Main Street of Mount Gambier including date information, owner and or company name, business type and newspaper article dates and references to the images held in the Les Hill Photographic Collection. Information is based on research of publicly available information. 1847-1940   Commercial Street Traders CSV Commercial Street Traders dataset 2014-06-10T15:02:46.951865 2014-10-30T09:01:35 354738.0 Creative Commons Attribution