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565 Picture Australia metadata National Library of Australia National Library of Australia 2013-05-12T09:30:42.974512 2015-03-07T09:30:46.559457 [Picture Australia]( is an Internet based service that allows you to search many significant online pictorial collections at the same time. When you do a search on Picture Australia, thumbnail images are retrieved from [participating institutions](http://www.pi on the fly and inserted into the search results. Picture Australia provides access to images that cover all aspects of Australiana: * Artworks include paintings, drawings, prints and posters of abstract art, fine art and portraits * Photographs capture people, places and events * Objects include sculpture, scrimshaw, bark, costume, weapons * Images may be in black and white or full colour. This dataset contains metadata from all participating institutions (except for those from the State Library of Tasmania). Not specified ZIP   2013-05-12T09:35:22.997881 2013-05-12 216396788.0 notspecified