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562 The NSW Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board 1883-1969 Map Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) 2018-05-31T10:34:22.675157 2018-06-20T23:50:45.875506 __Project Title:__ The NSW Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board 1883-1969: A History (ARC DP150100247) __Investigators:__ Prof John Maynard, Prof Victoria Haskins, Dr Lawrence Bamblett, Dr Lorina Barker, Prof Jakelin Troy, Dr Ray Kelly __Researcher:__ Lachlan Russell __Institutions:__ The University of Newcastle, AIATSIS, The University of New England, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney 1883 1969 AWB NSW map CSV   2018-05-31T10:40:44.005775 2018-06-04   Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia
650 eHeritage data Libraries Tasmania Libraries Tasmania 2017-07-17T00:58:57.315558 2018-07-25T02:05:04.712258 The aim of the eHeritage project, over 2001 to 2012, was to accelerate the use of technology and innovation across the Tasmanian local history and heritage community to make their identity, collections and services more visible and known. It enabled these organisations to digitise and web publish descriptions (and often images) of their collections and information resources. The primary output was the eHeritage website at which 30 organisations regularly added descriptions and images. The data was presented at the website under 4 key fields: * Title * Objects * Subjects * Institution This is represented in the structure of the open data sets. The website was archived in 2013. By then 26,317 rows of raw data had been created that describe items held in cultural collections across Tasmania. Another 99,704 records were created that relate specifically to the location of gravesites across Tasmania along with transcriptions of the details recorded on tombstones at the sites and often an image as well. 2001 2012 eHeritage Data (CSV) CSV   2017-07-17T10:59:47.759450 2017-07-17   Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia
655 Memory of a Nation dataset National Archives of Australia   2014-07-11T04:31:06.808586 2015-04-08T01:26:41.919943 This dataset tells fascinating stories drawn from treasures of the National Archives collection - The dataset includes a digitised version of every original item that has been put on display in the Archives’ permanent exhibition Memory of a Nation, from its launch in 2007 through to the present day. This includes an original musical score of Waltzing Matilda, a petition for Aboriginal land rights from the Larrakia people of Darwin, and Charles Kingsford Smith’s 1921 application for a pilot’s licence. The dataset covers around 500 record items (eg. a file, object or photograph in the NAA collection). Examples of content - Record Item data fields include • Theme • Subtheme • Title • Keyword tags (names, places, government activities), • Short description • Long description • More info • Year (of record) • Series number (note: a series is a group of records that has resulted from the same filing process), • Control symbol and barcode (record item reference numbers) • Collection (i.e. the government agency or person that created the series) • Format (for example, photograph, letter, bound volume, plan, film, etc.) • File name for scanned images • Number of images • Notes • Digitised and Folio / page number 1866-2002   Memory of a Nation csv CSV   2014-07-11T04:32:45.299159     Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia