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444 Passport registers 1926 to 1939 Queensland State Archives 2013-10-14T06:10:08.409229 2022-06-20T23:00:36.801163 These indexes were compiled from the passport [clearance registers]( and the [passport receipts](, as created by the Immigration Department, Brisbane, recording the names of some immigrants who left Queensland between 1926 and 1939. The records are held at [Queensland State Archives]( NOTE: Although the series is dated 1926 to 1939 the actual data in the index covers the period 1923 to 1940.     Passport clearances 1923 to 1940 CSV This open data file lists the names of immigrants as recorded in the passport clearance register between 1923 and 1940. Information also includes the name of the ship/vessel, date of arrival and Queensland State Archives' catalogue details. 2017-01-11T23:47:35.449465 2022-01-10T04:53:27.827980 2831155.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0