1 row where dataset_description = "This series held at [Queensland State Archives](https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/arts/heritage/archives), comprises drawings of Queensland harbour infrastructure, including wharves, jetties, breakwaters, harbour roadworks and drainage, harbour buildings, storage, cranes and other loading facilities including those for coal, sugar and livestock, accommodation including cottages, offices and workshops, wharf railways and tramways, slipways and winches, boat ramps, dolphins and buoys and navigation aids including beacons and leads. The infrastructure drawings relate to the initial construction of the facilities as well as subsequent extensions or modifications. In addition, the series contain some survey drawings including soundings, development and site plans, and a small number of administrative drawings, e.g. departmental organisational charts. It includes drawings and charts of Queensland ports and harbour areas together with port and harbour infrastructure and government vessels. A large proportion of the drawings are of soundings of various reaches, cuttings and sections of waterways throughout Queensland, including surveyed contours and cross sections. Drawings of infrastructure include wharves and jetties including buildings and roadways, terminals and loaders, cranes, dry docks, breakwaters, lighthouses and other navigation aids; vessels include dredges, tugs, launches, pilot cutters, ferries, punts, launches. A small number of related items not being charts or plans are also included in the series.", "dataset_modified" is on date 2022-06-29, format = "JSON", publisher = "Queensland State Archives" and source = "data.qld.gov.au"

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382 Marine Infrastructure and Vessels 1860-2006 Queensland State Archives web@archives.qld.gov.au 2018-04-13T05:42:37.824366 2022-06-29T01:19:16.690084 This series held at [Queensland State Archives](https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/arts/heritage/arch… data.qld.gov.au https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/6af32e8b-78e6-4f7c-8bc1-aa9d89b225f6     Marine Infrastructure and Vessels 1860-2006 JSON https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/6af32e8b-78e6-4f7c-8bc1-aa9d89b225f6/resource/30e25f91-1fc3-438d-a358-4aa35c6f932f/download/marine-infrastructure-and-vessels-1860-2006.json JSON This series comprises drawings and charts of Queensland ports and harbour areas together with port a… 2018-09-04T04:19:47.360887 2018-09-04T04:19:47.256161 3774873.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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