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24 State Library of Queensland - Queensland public libraries directory State Library of Queensland opendata@slq.qld.gov.au 2012-12-07T06:21:10.275483 2022-07-20T03:50:55.473194 Directory of names, addresses, opening hours, contacts, and geographic coordinates for all the publi… data.qld.gov.au https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/537ff4c4-b49a-41f6-8c56-489b8bc731af     Queensland Public Libraries March 2018 https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/537ff4c4-b49a-41f6-8c56-489b8bc731af/resource/6c39fd55-f038-43ec-930f-b3c019e74199/download/publiclibrarybranchesdetails6march18slq.csv CSV Locations, opening hours and useful information about public libraries in Queensland. See Explanator… 2018-03-20T06:04:40.227414 2019-08-16T07:17:33.225837 150016.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
168 State Library of Queensland - Catalogue searches State Library of Queensland opendata@slq.qld.gov.au 2012-12-07T05:55:14.502123 2021-03-08T07:42:00.611055 This open data file contains the text strings searched in the State Library’s online catalogue each … data.qld.gov.au https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/cebb997c-1c42-4eb2-9039-8fa1b645db0b     July 2016-June 2017 Catalogue searches https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/cebb997c-1c42-4eb2-9039-8fa1b645db0b/resource/c7ff767d-2227-4d01-99a9-93bd18729505/download/catalogue-searches-2016-07-2017-06.csv CSV The text strings searched and count of recurring searches in the State Library’s online catalogue be… 2018-03-20T06:09:29.876501 2019-08-27T01:29:52.136252 1048576.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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