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672 South Australians of World War 1 Photographs Flickr set State Library of South Australia Andrew Piper 2013-05-21T09:06:33.212603 2020-02-24T02:07:29.790770 A selection (542) of portraits of soldiers. This set of portraits comes from our Chamberlain Collect… data.sa.gov.au https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/0384a465-903c-4b2b-93ec-826acbe2c66b 1914-1916   Flickr API https://www.flickr.com/services/api/ API This dataset can be used in conjunction with the Flickr API. 2014-07-07T04:03:42.373664 2014-07-07T05:05:26.071019 20.0 Creative Commons Attribution
832 Passengers in History History Trust of South Australia History Trust of South Australia 2016-06-28T00:52:30.371967 2021-09-08T23:20:52.626089 _Passengers in History_ brings together two wonderful resources: <br /><br /> A passengers data base… data.sa.gov.au https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/ffa75eb8-475a-460b-91d1-714f269016d5 1836-01-01 1961-01-01 Passengers in History Search Index https://data.history.sa.gov.au:8983/solr/passengers/select API #Passengers in History API Documentation# The Passengers in History data endpoint has been provided … 2016-06-28T10:54:22.341773     Creative Commons Attribution
839 Community History Live Stream History Trust of South Australia History Trust of South Australia 2015-05-15T01:26:37.366511 2017-06-27T02:08:43.727429 The community history website is a place for community organisations, historical groups and individu… data.sa.gov.au https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/2ce2ab30-d17f-4902-b344-314e4b34538a 2011-04-01 2015-05-31 Community History Live Stream https://data.history.sa.gov.au/communityhistory/ API **Community History Endpoints** **Organisations** http://data.history.sa.gov.au/communityhistory/o… 2015-05-15T11:33:00.199640     Creative Commons Attribution
845 History Festival Archive History Trust of South Australia History Trust of South Australia 2015-05-14T07:15:48.169739 2017-06-27T02:07:34.579520 The History Festival is held every year in May. This dataset contains an archive of festival events … data.sa.gov.au https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/8606923a-8c21-4a2a-b31b-925f6fee4616 2013-05-01 2015-05-31 History Festival Events https://data.history.sa.gov.au/abouttime/ API **History Festival Endpoints** **Events** http://data.history.sa.gov.au/abouttime/events/{year} R… 2015-05-14T17:18:33.373635     Creative Commons Attribution
922 WW1 Diary and Letter Transcripts State Library of NSW State Library of NSW 2016-07-25T22:26:44.309321 2016-07-25T22:26:59.738806 Approximately 11,000 volumes of letters and diaries of WW1 Australian soldiers have been collected b… data.nsw.gov.au https://data.nsw.gov.au/data/dataset/4095e38b-785f-4f3c-917f-d041fce0e408     WW1 Diary and Letter Transcripts API http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/api API   2016-07-26T08:26:59.285520     Creative Commons Attribution
943 OpenGov NSW API NSW State Archives   2013-05-28T05:04:20.514798 2015-02-03T06:33:14.130405 A repository of information published by NSW Government agencies, including Annual Reports and open … data.nsw.gov.au https://data.nsw.gov.au/data/dataset/e2c36616-36db-4bb3-a907-87db836481f0     OpenGov NSW API https://www.opengov.nsw.gov.au/api API OpenGov NSW data and functionality are available via an open web API. This service provides addition… 2013-05-28T01:05:30.921458     Creative Commons Attribution

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