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948 Western Australian Biographical Index (WABI) State Library of Western Australia Author Not Specified 2016-07-28T05:59:15.171170 2022-05-25T18:46:13.320421 The Western Australian Biographical Index (WABI) is a highly used resource at the State Library of W… data.wa.gov.au https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/6c026ce8-8a18-4920-a7e2-f1719e0d8c47     Introducing WABI https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/6c026ce8-8a18-4920-a7e2-f1719e0d8c47/resource/d8355c12-94ea-4728-9b2f-ddb4fd60d86e/download/introducing-wabi.docx DOCX Brief document describing the dataset. 2016-07-28T06:02:33.537857 2016-07-28T06:02:33.501312   Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
980 Obituaries indexed by State Library of WA State Library of Western Australia Author Not Specified 2018-09-04T02:22:59.855252 2022-05-25T18:46:15.810879 This dataset contains over 10,000 indexed records of obituaries found in Western Australian newspape… data.wa.gov.au https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/2f8c1a74-8b10-4b58-b3bf-be339fb0fd09     Indexed Obituaries.docx https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/2f8c1a74-8b10-4b58-b3bf-be339fb0fd09/resource/cf76884e-1022-464d-8929-b18662d61cfd/download/indexed-obituaries.docx DOCX Information about accessing the obituaries and how the dataset was established. 2018-09-04T02:25:40.839749 2018-09-04T02:25:40.774966   Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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