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998 Krantz & Sheldon Architectural images State Library of Western Australia Author Not Specified 2016-07-25T04:08:00.645899 2022-05-25T18:46:17.979308 Bibliographic data and links to persistent URL of digital object for the Krantz & Sheldon Architectural images. Approximately 1000.     Krantz and Sheldon (Zipped) ZIP Inside this zipped file, you will find two objects, the first is a folder with all the individual records (labeled by SLWA's unique bibliographic record number) described in Dublin Core and output as xml. The other object is a single list of all the records described in Dublin Core and output as xml. 2016-07-25T04:09:27.386314 2016-07-25T04:09:27.345737   Creative Commons Attribution 4.0