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988 SLWA Commonwealth Games photographs State Library of Western Australia Author Not Specified 2018-04-04T03:33:45.801947 2022-05-25T18:46:17.450244 Photographs from the SLWA collection featuring the Commonwealth Games. Most if not all of the photographs are from the 1962 games held in Western Australia. Photographs include opening and closing ceremonies, athletes receiving medals and action shots from the event. The datasets include links to the images     SLWA Commonwealth Games metadata CSV Contains: Library control number, collection number, Author (where available), Title, published date,description, notes, summary, subject headings (People, Corporate entities, meeting, topic and geographical headings), Series Entries, Captions for URLs and the URLS for the photographs. 2018-04-04T03:35:28.210817 2018-04-04T03:35:28.103971   Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0