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936 Convict Indexes NSW State Archives State Records Authority 2015-10-01T01:54:53.522981 2015-10-01T02:14:59.600322 Between 1788 and 1842 about 80,000 convicts were transported to New South Wales. Of these, about 85% were men and 15% were women. Almost two thirds of convicts were English (along with a small number of Scottish and Welsh), with the Irish making up the remaining one third. Convicts were usually given sentences of transportation for seven, 14 years or life. Some convicts in the 1830s received ten-year sentences. About one quarter of the convicts were sentenced to ‘the term of their natural lives’, and a proportion of these had reprieves from the death sentence. These seven indexes contain around 140,000 entries in total.     Index to Certificates of Freedom, 1823-69 CSV This dataset contains the following attributes: ID, Surname, First Name, Alias, Vessel, Year, No, Date, Record Type, Citation, Remarks [Click here for more information about this index]( 2015-10-01T11:59:46.136381     Creative Commons Attribution