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786 Election Ephemera State Library of South Australia State Library of South Australia 2013-05-06T03:19:09.193539 2016-07-01T05:44:24.139830 365 catalogue records including material that has been collected from Local, State and Federal elections related to South Australian candidates. Also includes State and Federal referendums; Local elections 1879 – 2010; State elections 1893 – 2014; Federal elections 1901 – 2010; Referendums 1911 – 1999; State referendums 1965, 1970, 1982. Includes details of candidates, electorates, dates of elections, slogans. Ephemera are everyday items such as theatre posters and advertising flyers, not produced for sale. Their intrinsic value is in the information they provide about social life, the development of industries (for example, printing or paper making), and the provision of services or aspects of cultural change. Ephemera may be the only printed record of an organisation, event or activity. 1879-01-01 2014-12-31 Election Leaflets CSV Compiled 2015. This data set has been superseded by an updated version at the top of this Data and Resources list. 2015-07-02T13:11:56.216154     Creative Commons Attribution