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780 19th Century Photographs by Ernest Gall State Library of South Australia State Library of South Australia 2014-06-10T13:32:58.334603 2017-07-06T06:11:06.592081 The photographs (approximately 660) were taken by Ernest Gall, a South Australian born photographer active from the 1880s to the 1920s. In 1899 he was described as a ‘distinctly modern professional photographer’. Gall is noted for his photographs of civic events, portraits and photographs showing Adelaide’s development into a growing modern city. 1850-01-01 1920-12-31 19th Century Photographs by Ernest Gall CSV Compiled 2014. This data set has been superseded by an updated version at the top of this Data and Resources list. 2014-06-10T13:36:58.898503 2014-10-30T09:01:20 392612.0 Creative Commons Attribution