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757 Oral Histories State Library of South Australia State Library of South Australia 2016-06-29T05:56:30.682753 2019-08-29T04:33:50.156866 This dataset includes 952 selected oral history transcripts from the J.D. Somerville Oral History Collection, the central repository for unpublished oral history tapes and transcripts in South Australia. The collection is intended to provide an oral record of all aspects of the South Australian experience and particularly of those who are poorly represented in documentary records, such as low income earners, people of non-English speaking background, women, and country people. The collection also provides a representative sample of the various uses of oral history, such as academic, commissioned, local history, community arts, school and family history. The transcripts are in PDF format. 1960-01-01 2013-12-31 Oral Histories - Excel workbook XLSX Compiled 2016. This data set has been superseded by an updated version at the top of this Data and Resources list. This Excel workbook contains the same data as the CSV file but has the advantage that URLs are active hyperlinks. 2016-07-01T11:31:43.771582 2016-07-01T01:31:43.629008   Creative Commons Attribution