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729 South Australian Photographs State Library of South Australia Andrew Piper 2013-03-07T14:40:31.091907 2019-08-29T04:36:26.010768 Photographs relating to South Australia feature localities across the state, houses and buildings, portraits, social and historical events, industry, farming, transport and more. Divided into four time periods: - pre 1900 - 1900 - 1919 - 1920 - 1949 - 1950 onwards 1800-01-01 2019-05-20 South Australian Photographs: 1950 onwards CSV Compiled 2017. This data set has been superseded by an updated version above in this Data and Resources list. 11797 images. **Explanation of fields** - **RECORD #** : SLSA unique identifier eg "b20691051" - **RECORD URL** : URL to the catalogue record in our database - **XML** : URL to the XML version of the catalogue record - **NAME** : Name of photographer if known - **TITLE** : Title of photograph - **Dates/Publication Details** : Includes the date of the photograph - **Description/Quantity** : Format and dimensions of the original image - **SUMMARY** : Summary information about the image, its content and context - **SUBJECT** : Subject headings assigned by the Library to assist searching - **Series/Collection** : Images may be aggregated as a collection - **IMAGE** : URL of the location of the web image 2017-07-06T17:19:49.720416 2017-07-06T07:19:49.596738   Creative Commons Attribution