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693 Newspaper Articles relating to Sir Ross Smith State Library of South Australia State Library of South Australia 2019-06-24T02:47:32.528709 2019-08-29T04:43:40.630658 Newspaper articles relating to Sir Ross Smith and the 1919 Epic Flight from England to Australia. Datasets are divided into themes of prelude to the epic flight, the epic flight and death and funeral of Sir Ross Smith. Articles are sourced from South Australian newspapers *The Advertiser*, *Daily Herald*, *The Observer* and *The Register*. 1918-01-01 1922-12-31 The Epic Flight CSV 856 articles **Explanation of fields** - **Heading** : Article heading - **Category** : Trove's categorisation of the type of newspaper content - **Title** : Newspaper title - **Page** : The number of the page on which the article appears - **Date** : Publication date - **TroveUrl** : URL of the article - **TrovePageUrl** : URL of the entire page containing the article - **Illustrated** : Yes or no - **WordCount** : Number of words in the article - **Relevance** : Trove's ranking of the article's relevance to the search term 'Ross Smith' 2019-06-24T02:50:14.529743 2019-06-24T02:50:14.463004   Creative Commons Attribution