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659 River Murray general plan SA, 1910 State Library of South Australia Online Projects, State Library of South Australia 2014-06-22T16:54:49.101553 2022-01-24T04:26:16.272965 Set of navigation charts of part of the South Australian section of the River Murray from Swan Reach to the eastern boundary of the State, 153 to 405 ¾ miles from the Murray mouth. Produced and issued by the Engineer-in-Chief’s Department, South Australia, published by A. Vaughan, SA Government Photo-lithographer in 1910. Scale approximately 1:9,600. Depths shown by soundings and shading. Shows surrounding roads and includes brief description of terrain and the vegetation beside the river. This dataset consists of 71 map files grouped as 18 plans or charts and including 1 key plan index to the set, provided in JPEG and PDF versions. 1910   Additional information.txt TXT Additional Information. 2014-06-22T16:58:56.130318 2014-06-22T18:00:22.541867 1418.0 Creative Commons Attribution