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541 3D model of the mandible of Sarcophilus laniarius Queensland Museum 2014-07-10T00:02:47.607586 2022-06-20T09:25:35.895848 The 3D model of the mandible of *Sarcophilus laniarius* in OBJ format. The mandible of *Sarcophilus laniarius* is from the Queensland Museum Geosciences collection.     First image file of the 3D model of the Sarcophilus laniarius mandible laniarius mandible 800k poly.jpg JPG This image file is entered into the Material Template Library (MTL) file of the 3D model of the *Sarcophilus laniarius* mandible. This image, together with the OBJ and MTL files, are used by 3D viewers to render the 3D model. 2014-07-10T00:04:15.690482 2014-07-10T00:04:16.142079 1755232.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0