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483 Passage certificates 1887 to 1906 Queensland State Archives 2013-06-26T01:39:38.432133 2022-06-20T04:13:09.688383 This index was compiled from the [Register of passage certificates]( kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period 1887 to 1906. The records are held at [Queensland State Archives](     Passage certificates 1887 to 1906 CSV This open data file lists the names of applicants and nominees as recorded in the register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick. Details include the type of nomination, date of application, receipt number and Queensland State Archives' [catalogue ]( details. 2013-06-25T20:41:04.137259 2021-05-10T02:14:06.081548 209920.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0