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448 Card index to nominated immigrants 1908 to 1922 Queensland State Archives 2013-06-26T01:03:31.341446 2022-06-20T16:24:56.754087 This index was compiled from the [Card index]( to personal files for nominated immigrants as created and used by the Immigration Department between 1908 and 1922 and are held at [Queensland State Archives](     Nominated immigrants 1908 to 1922 CSV This open data file lists the names of immigrants nominated or sponsored to immigrate to Queensland between 1908 and 1922. Information includes the age, year, ship, source card name and [Queensland State Archives](' catalogue details. 2013-06-25T20:11:46.853462 2022-01-10T02:06:18.827151 34603008.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0