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395 Boer War 1899 to 1902 Queensland State Archives 2014-06-24T00:57:08.534392 2022-06-28T12:29:42.804670 These indexes were compiled from the [military service]( and [pay records]( of Queenslanders who served in ranks in the South African War between 1899 and 1902. These records are held at [Queensland State Archives.](     Military Service - South African (Boer) War CSV This [register]( contains a record of the names of all ranks from Queensland who served in the South African War, also known as the Boer War. The register was to record: regimental number, rank and name (surname and initial(s)), company, marital status, period of service, details if taken prisoner, casualties, discharge, medals, address, and other remarks. 2022-04-22T04:13:38.096738 2022-04-22T04:13:37.997008 739840.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0