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357 Inquests 1859 to 1902 Queensland State Archives 2013-03-04T05:52:20.137413 2022-08-09T05:34:21.109586 This index was compiled from the inquest files [Coronial Files (Inquests and No Inquests)]( held at Queensland State Archives, created by the Justice Department for the period 1859 to 1902 and held at [Queensland State Archives] The index covers inquests from all over the state. Read more about [inquests]( Note, the data has been updated to include the years 1898 to 1902 (June 2015).     Inquests 1859 to 1902 CSV This open data file lists the names of the deceased for whom magisterial enquiries were held to establish the circumstances of death between 1859 and 1902. Information also includes the year, file number and Queensland State Archives' catalogue details. This index was created from [Coronial Files (Inquests and No Inquests)]( held at [Queensland State Archives]( 2013-03-03T23:53:28.554418 2022-06-13T02:23:12.978873 6081740.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0