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340 Land selections 1885-1981 Queensland State Archives 2021-07-23T02:31:25.710719 2022-08-09T05:41:19.820822 Registers recording details of land selection. These records are held at [Queensland State Archives](     Land selections 1885-1981 CSV Index to [registers of selection]( under the "Crown Lands Act 1884" held at [Queensland State Archives]( Information includes, name of selector; number of selection; date the land was open to selection; Government Gazette reference; date of application; date of lease; terms of lease; payments made; transfers; any change of number e.g. when the boundaries of Land Agents' Districts were changed, new numbers were allocated to affected selections; and what happened to the selection e.g. purchased, surrendered, forfeited, subdivided. 2021-07-23T02:34:44.387239 2021-08-22T22:37:38.682917 13736345.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0