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338 Lands sold 1842-1868 Queensland State Archives 2022-05-03T01:13:36.284025 2022-08-09T05:42:28.978325 This open data set was compiled from various Registers of lands sold as created by the Surveyor General’s Department between 1849 and 1861 and held at [Queensland State Archives](     Register of Lands Sold 1842-1868 CSV Index to land sold was created from numerous resources held at [Queensland State Archives]( [Register of Lands 1861-1867](; [Sale of land at Ipswich, Brisbane, Warwick, Drayton, Rockhampton, Dalby, Maryborough, Gayndah, Callandoon, Condamine, Gladstone](; [Portions of agricultural reserves under the 'Leasing Act 1866', kept by the Surveyor General's Department](; [Lists supplied by Moreton Bay District Survey Office New South Wales of Crown lands sold in what became the Colony of Queensland]( 2022-05-03T01:18:05.975526 2022-05-03T01:18:05.895320 4718592.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0