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329 Immigration 1909-1932 Queensland State Archives 2020-06-30T00:51:24.723010 2022-08-09T05:48:08.221380 This index was compiled from [Passenger lists and other papers relating to Immigrants arriving by ship in Queensland]( and [Lists of crews and passengers on various immigrant ships arriving in Queensland]( for the period 1909 to 1932 held at [Queensland State Archives](     Index to Immigration 1909-1932 CSV This index was created from Queensland State Archives [Series ID13104]( and [13105]( Passenger Lists and Other Papers Relating to Immigrants Arriving by Ship in Queensland; and Lists of Crews and Passengers on Various Immigrant Ships Arriving in Queensland. DID 13104: This series consists of files of passenger lists, correspondence and other papers relating to immigrant ships whose passengers were travelling to Queensland. There is a file for each ship by batch number, and although the contents of files vary they can include reports concerning the passengers by the Immigration Department representative, and passenger lists of Queensland Government Passengers with details for each immigrant such as name, age, occupation, and their port of departure, for example, Antwerp or London. Other papers and correspondence can include such details as whether immigrants were assisted or nominated and the type of migrant such as domestic servant. DID 13105: This series consists of a number of proforma lists of crews and passengers on various immigrant ships arriving in Brisbane. Each list contains the name of the ship, and sections for a list of crew by name and class, and a list of passengers divided into males and females, whether adults, children under 12 or infants under 1, There is also a section for a summary of passenger totals received at the Customs House Brisbane, dated and signed by the Master in the presence of a witness for the Customs Collector. 2020-06-30T00:57:01.496848 2020-09-25T02:47:24.054196 14680064.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0