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rowid dataset_title publisher author dataset_issued dataset_modified dataset_description source info_url start_date end_date file_title download_url format file_description file_created file_modified file_size licence
309 Queensland State Archives' digitised collection Queensland State Archives 2021-02-15T04:09:15.674473 2022-08-09T05:55:53.501183 This data set has been extracted from [Queensland State Archives](' collection management system. It is a listing of all the digitised content available through the [catalogue]( as at 11/02/2021.     Queensland State Archives' digital collection CSV This is a listing of digitised records extracted from the [Queensland State Archives](' collection management system as at 11/02/2021. It contains the following: title, item number, file type and the full url to the digital image. Items in the list could be images, documents, maps, plans or other record formats. 2021-02-15T04:14:53.067450 2021-02-15T04:14:53.002344 9437184.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0