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307 Mariner's certificates Queensland State Archives 2022-04-27T01:13:39.928624 2022-08-09T05:57:20.610693 This is an index to [Certificates of Competency]( held at Queensland State Archives. They were issued by the Marine Board of Queensland as proof that the recipients were qualified in accordance with the "Navigation Act of 1876", and had passed the required examination.     Index to mariner's certificates 1877-1939 CSV Each certificate has information on both front and back. On the front are included the type of certificate, the name of the recipient, the reasons for granting the certificate, the date of issue, and the signatures of the Chairman, Secretary and members of the Marine Board. On the back are included the certificate number, address, date of birth and signature of the recipient, and the date and place where the examination was held. 2022-04-27T01:15:32.030592 2022-04-27T01:15:31.929943 58368.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0