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1174 PROV VPRS 515/P1 Central Register of Male Prisoners Public Records Office Victoria   2014-12-22T15:31:24.668706 2015-11-25T23:25:09.356571 The history of those sentenced to custody in Melbourne-area prisons, including Pentridge, the Collingwood Stockade and the prison hulks, was detailed in 'central' registers of male and female prisoners. The prison registers list crimes and sentences, frequently include photographs of the prisoner and record notes on their time in custody. Well-known figures such as Ned Kelly and Squizzy Taylor are recorded in these volumes. These registers have been digitised and indexes to the prisoners are being compiled by PROV volunteers. The data indexed from the male registers (VPRS 515) includes the prisoner name and number and a reference to the digital image available on PROV's website.     VPRS 515/P1 Central Register of Male Prisoners CSV   2014-12-22T13:59:26.428692     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International