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1171 PROV Annual Report - Records Issued & Visitor Statistics 2015-2016 Public Records Office Victoria   2016-12-12T14:51:16.409958 2016-12-12T14:51:16.509641 Public Record Office Victoria operates two public reading rooms; one at the Victorian Archives Centre in North Melbourne and the other at the Ballarat Archives Centre in Ballarat. Records can also be accessed at the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre reading rooms and the new Geelong Heritage Centre, all of these locations are Places of Deposit. During 2015 - 2016, 56,674 visitors utilised the reading rooms to view records. 44,862 records were issued to visitors and an additional 11,459 were issued to Government Agencies and for internal Public Record Office Victoria use. In 2015 – 2016 reference queries were managed through our online enquiry system which received an average 744 queries per month; providing a more consistent and seamless approach to customer service.     Records Issued & Visitor Statistics 2015-2016 ttp:// CSV Further details about this specific data resource, to be displayed on the Preview page 2016-12-12T11:21:00.779278     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International