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1151 PROV Historic Plans Collection 1836-1984 Public Records Office Victoria   2014-12-22T15:31:36.114829 2015-11-25T23:25:31.568581 The 'Historic Plans Collection' was gathered together by the Lands Department as a collation of important early survey work done in Victoria. The plans are organised into 48 collections based on their purpose - road surveys, surveys of the coast and rivers, mining locations and so on. This dataset contains all the metadata that we have about the plans, including title, date, and frequently notes on scale, features and the surveyor responsible. The data includes names of parishes and townships each plan covers. This information can be geocoded using data maintained on by the Department of Primary Industries.     Historic Plans Collection 1836-1984 CSV   2014-12-22T13:55:46.244280     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International