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1135 PROV VERS - Compliant Products Public Records Office Victoria   2015-11-25T04:23:31.556953 2019-08-29T06:49:04.435913 After testing conducted by Public Record Office Victoria, the following systems have demonstrated a capability of meeting either all or part of the requirements for long-term electronic records management outlined in PROS 99/007: Standard for the Management of Electronic Records (also known as the VERS standard). Systems may be certified against some or all of the specifications listed in the standard. Please note the products listed below were certified as VERS-compliant in 2014–2015. For a complete list please refer to the VERS compliance page on the Public Record Office Victoria website:     PROV VERS Compliant Products CSV   2019-05-21T00:22:42.825859     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International