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1132 PROV Semantic Wiki Snapshot Public Records Office Victoria   2016-03-10T14:11:29.033095 2021-04-14T04:42:47.206029 The PROV semantic wiki is a place for users to explore, share and contribute their knowledge of Victoria's history. It is built on the Semantic Mediawiki platform that turns a standard wiki into a queriable database full of structured data using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model synonymous with the semantic web. In essence all content on the wiki can be tagged or annotated so that it becomes both human and machine readable. The content reflects the diversity of Victoria's history since European Settlement explored by staff and public researchers. This dataset trepresents the most current snapshot of the prov wiki page metadata expressed in RDF. It contains 119180 triples or individual pieces of metadata representing approximately 5,000 wiki pages compared to the previous 2012 snapshot containing 9092 triples or individual pieces of metadata representing approximately 300 wiki pages.     2016 PROV Semantic Wiki Snapshot TXT Further details about this specific data resource, to be displayed on the Preview page 2016-03-10T12:53:28.685159     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International