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1105 Early Townsite of Carnarvon 1851 State Records Office of Western Australia Author Not Specified 2016-01-20T04:19:14.395737 2022-05-25T14:59:30.761215 AU WA S235-cons3868 064 Carnarvon 16C/3. Carnarvon Townsite - plan of suburban lots. T. Beasley. Amended A. H. Richter 1947 and W. S. C. Brockway 1948. Richter Fieldbook 85, Brockway Fieldbook 194 [scale: 40 chains to 1 inch]. [Further Information (State Records Office)]     Imagery File IMG This resource provides a once off snapshot of the dataset for the image. 2021-05-03T04:50:26.312228   82012029.0